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How you can grow your
company with our
Personal Brand Blueprint

Our average client grows 5,000 followers in 3 months with 3,000,000+ impressions
and we guarantee you results, or you don't pay.

Product Strategy

Identity & Branding

Digital Marketing

UX & Product Design

Graphic Design

Brand Development

Currently accepting 2 new clients for June

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Here's How We've Helped

Key Result #1:

Added 7,981 followers
in one month

Key Result #2:

Increased monthly content impressions by
~7X, up to 13,700,000+

Key Result #3:

Achieved a 2.1% clickthrough rate, funneling
2921 clicks to their offer in one month


We Help Founders Solve

Poor Content Performance

Investing your valuable time into
creating content, only to have it fall
flat every time you post

High Churn Rates

Suffering from high churn rate with
no way to reliably nurture loyalty in
your buyers

Overspending on Ads

Spending way too much money on
ads, knowing that it's an expensive,
short-term solution


We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers.

Currently accepting 2 new clients for June

A Bullet Proof Personal Brand

Transform your social media profile into a personal brand, a marketing asset with infinite potential for growth.

Scale Your Business Fast

Imagine presenting your offer to a whole football stadium. You'd find buyers easily right? Now imagine doing it 10+ times. Every month.

Lead Generation on Autopilot

A powerful personal brand means having a 24/7 lead magnet. This consistently drives thousands of $$$ worth of traffic to your profile.

Save Money On Ad Spend

Get hundreds of thousands of eyeballs on your next offer by posting free tweets to your audience.

Drop Your Acquisition Cost to $0

The social proof of a strong personal brand draws in your buyers without you having to invest in additional time or money.

Access to a High-Value Network

Your elevated status and personal brand on Twitter grand you access to high-level players inyour industry.

Currently accepting 2 new clients for February


The Transformation

The 3-step Personal Brand Blueprint process to leverage your online presence into business growth

Crafting Your Strategy

We go through a two-step onboarding process. We first define your brand's goals, voice, and values.

Then have a casual long-form chat to establish your unique worldview & story.

Creating Your Brand's Content

Grammar Ghosts uses The Personal Brand Blueprint to craft one month of content personalized to you and your business.

The content gets posted after your approval, and I distribute it through my network of influencer accounts.

Becoming a Personal Brand

Your presence on Twitter skyrockets and transforms your social media profile into a personal brand.

You reap the rewards of organic traffic, influence, and network.
About us

Hey! I am Andrew,

the founder of Grammar Ghost. I've worked with many executives to help build their personal brands on social media.

As a former software engineer and technical writer, I bring a systematic and methodical approach to content marketing.

Years of designing & building complex software systems have shaped how I approach problems, and I bring that philosophy into my business.

Currently accepting 2 new clients for June

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Money Back Guarantee

Will my identity be kept anonymous?

Yes, your identity will always be confidential unless you tell me otherwise.

How will you write in my voice?

I analyze our onboarding call to pick out your unique character and word choice. Your tone, vocabulary, and style are all taken into account.

How much time commitment is needed on my end?

You'll only need to dedicate 2 hours per month. You can choose to be more involved in the process if you'd like.

What if I don't like the content?

The content always comes to you for approval before publishing. If you don't like it, we'll make revisions until it's to your liking.

How much content do I get?

The typical client gets 3 tweets per day and 3 threads a week but we'll tailor a strategy to your needs.

How long until I receive my content?

You'll get one month's worth of content after 7-10 days.